"a lovely place for your ultimate La Digue island impression"


"La Diguoise" or in creole "Digwaz": Inhabitants of La Digue.

Elodie, the proud owner of her so well-maintained guesthouse, was born on her precious island...

A small island with just around 3000 inhabitants; big families of many generations sharing their african, chinese, indian and european cultures.

Elodie, the "diguoise" is an ambassador to her island: she's an insider!

Elodie and her team will guide you throughout your holiday. Her local values are so very import to her: you can see and feel how much she loves and respects her island, the way whe holds and cherish her property. She keeps her guesthouse, simple, very clean, comfortable, warm & cosy, as natural as possible; letting you in, on a real island of La Digue experience.

Her dishes... yummy!! that she puts together evenings, together with her son Nico, (such a good young cook, with freshideas!) they project Elodie's faith in her island. She would ensure to produce her meals with what her island can produce and supply: pick of vegetables & fruits of the day; fisherman's catch of the day.

She is not fond of "alien bodies " in her culture and tradition where the quality of her food and amenities are concerned.

Elodie is keen on offering you, a real sensation of holiday, away from your other comfort and TVs and processed food.

Enjoy your stay with us!